Megan Harrison

Megan Harrison is Peter’s assistant. Along with being extremely skilled at having a good time, she also has a BS from the University of California at Santa Cruz in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in bioengineering and assistive technologies. Some day she plans to build robotic prosthetic devices for the disabled. In the meantime, she works for Peter.

Megan’s responsibilities include market research, project planning, and in general, solving problems, figuring things out and making stuff work. Peter’s favorite five words in the English language are “Megan, please deal with it.”

In her spare time, Megan enjoys, among other things, training guide dogs for the blind (beginning, as she says, “when they’re little burritos”), strength training, apprenticing with a master furniture maker and spending time with her boyfriend at the beach. Unsurprisingly, she lives on a boat in Santa Cruz Harbor. She answers the phone with a cheerful, knowing “Hello!” And she’s really good at math.