A text message from a client

A few quotes from happy clients:

“This was really good!”

“The content was excellent!”

“I LOVE it. You’re so fucking creative!!”

“The email alert was a nice, concise summary of important information.”

“Damn, this is good.”

“You continue to crush it.  You’ve been a massive help in driving this process forward and keeping our energy levels positive, and content quality very high.”

“Seriously, thanks a million, man.  You are a consummate professional.  Right on the heels of our visit just now talking about references and testimonials, please let me know if I can ever help by trumpeting your virtues and superpowers.”

“This is beautiful!!  What you do really amazes me! True art!!”

“Love this and the quarantine one too! You really have a knack for it!!”

“I love this!!”

“Not sure I’ve said this enough, but you are, really, really talented!”

“I couldn’t love this more!!”

“That went up today.  And it is CRUSHING it!!  15,000 views so far!  It’s going to end up being my most viewed post, if not one of the top 5. More of those, please.”

“Peter, you made my week with this delivery. I see why you’ve earned your stellar reputation.”

“I like it!  There are a few things I’ll want to tweak but this is great!”

“Great work. Mark hit.”

“You have an amazing gift. I feel fortunate to work with you.”

“You’re a genius.”

“Peter, I just finished the draft you produced with Laura, and I struggled to change more than one or two words. It looks really great thanks to your leadership. You’re a hero, and we would have a sad site if it wasn’t for your help”

“Working with you was a masterclass.”

“The content is fantastic! There were many ‘aha’ moments where I thought you captured what we wanted to say perfectly.”